Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm in the process of setting up my OWN blog. I want it to ooze "Me". But it's not ready yet, so don't peek.

For now, I'll just give a little snippet here and there.

We're down to 17 glorious days before we're back in our "neighborhood". Remember Mr. Rogers? He really WAS my favorite to watch on PBS (before the days of cable, satellite, Disney Channel & so forth). I tried to get my kids to watch it when they were little. I dunno...they were bored to tears. Anyhoo, I am so ready to mean it when I sing, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..." My bro-in-law recently posted a Facebook status with a quote from Andy Stanley: "

"Never stop dreaming! When your memories outnumber your dreams, the end is near."

Ok, Sorry, Andy, that's MY quote now. I've DREAMED of this day for more than a year. Why? Cuz I've been so far from home and everything that says, "Me". I truly have felt that my memories have overtaken my dreams, and I'm only 39! I cannot allow my heart to resign itself to mediocrity. I was made for so much more (and, by the way, so were YOU!!).

I'm realizing that this would be a perfect post for my NEW BLOG, so I'm gonna stop here.

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