Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today I...

On my Blessed Day Off I...
  • Baked hamburger buns for our "Green Chile Cheeseburgers" tonight.

  • Sewed up a clothespin bag (so easy, and so needed)

  • Baked Whole Wheat Bread, which looks like it's gonna be hard as a rock...too much wheat flour or it's too old

  • Watched old "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie" on hulu.com while I clean/sew/bake.

  • Hung clothes on the line on this beautiful day, but one line fell down. boo hoo.

  • Played a couple rounds of "WordWhomp" while I ate my lunch. Was craving Beenie Weenies, but had to sub the weenies for leftover meatballs. Not too bad.

  • Need to change into nicer clothes to pick up the kids and take them for eye appts.

  • Need to call and wish my Dad a "Happy 62nd Birthday"!

  • Talked to Jarrod as he was going from one construction job to another.

Friday, August 21, 2009

She's Back

Pic #1:Mom, my cousin, and Myself
Pic #2: Caleb, Me and Jacob in the cccold stream.

In case you were worried...I'm still alive. I've kinda strayed from the blog-thing. Twitter captured my attention for a couple of months, but I'm bored with that. There are too many people who give a second-by-second account of their lives, and honestly,

AND I don't think anyone really cares about MY little details on a regular basis. Boy, that sounds harsh.

Anyway, I'm back to "Blogsville". I've been so inspired by the cutest, most creative looking blog pages lately and it is stirring up the "left-hander" in me- ie: time to sew, bake, redecorate, shop..."let the creative juices flow!!!"

I was going to post about my summer adventure to New Mexico, but I did already mention some of the stuff I did there in my last post. Plus, I asked my Dad to post some pics from my trip as, *sniff, sniff*, I LOST MY CAMERA IN THE MOUNTAINS OF SANTA FE!!!!

OK, here's the low-down: So my parents (who BTW were AWESOME to be with), my kids and myself went up to the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Santa Fe. We did this twice while I was there to cook breakfast in the morning up in the mountains. We're weird like that. Eggs, bacon, fried potatoes and green chile just taste better up there. Well, then we drove up a little further for a hike. NOW, in case you are getting all impressed at my "athletic prowess", let me halt right there, partner, and make you aware that the term "hiking" is extremely relative. HIKE: to walk down the path at "my Dad's Rock" and enjoy the scenery.

So towards the end of our "hike", Mom and I decided to wait at the top at the van while Dad and the kids played in the stream downhill. I set my backpack down and walked around for a little bit. Then when the gang got to the van, I hopped in and we drove home. Lalala, I go about my day and begin packing that night to drive home the next morning, and I have this sickening feeling: THE CAMERA!! Too late now. It's a goner!

All that to say...I asked my Dad for any pics he had on HIS camera so I could post them on here. Well, I pray that these weren't his only pics, as I am lookin' pretty rough. But, in humbleness I will post these if you promise not to laugh.