Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another blog...

For anyone that's even remotely interested, I'm starting another blog, a personal one, over on I'm not exactly sure how often or what I'll post, but I think it'll be more of an interactive online journal for me. Not ever been one to like to write in a book, but maybe it'll start to flow if I'm typing. Weird, but hey, that's me!

If you're interested or maybe even bored, come on over sometime. address is


Monday, April 12, 2010

Forever Update

Ok, so it's been about forever since anyone has updated this thing, especially me. So, here ya go.

First off, this past weekend was Jake's last basketball tournament; 4 games on Saturday: 10:00, 1:00, 6:00 and 8:00. Talk about "all day"! Anyway, he's been working for the past 2 weeks, along with 4-5 other guys, with former KU Jayhawks player Alonzo Jamison, who is now an Assistant Men's b-ball coach here in town. Well, it paid off (I mean, it was free, know). The first game Jake scored 15, and 7 in the 2nd. We lost those two. Then, during the long break in between he got a haircut and came back and scored 30 points in the 3rd game. Yes, that is a 3-0, 30! At halftime the score was tied 21-21 and Jake had 19 points! It was fun to watch. The last game he had 15 and they won the last two, taking 3rd place in the tourney! Thank you, Alonzo!

Ok, so an even more important reason for getting back to this blog today is to tell you all of a story of what happened to me this morning. Melissa had gone in to work early, and so I had to get the kids ready and out the door a little earlier, so that I could get to work on time. I had been able to spend some time reading my Bible this morning, but not really much time to pray and prepare for the day. So, after I dropped the kids off, I was just contemplating what God was doing in my life and began talking to Him and realized I hadn't asked for forgiveness for some personal stuff that I'd just recently covered over. (You don't need/want to know what it was and it's not the point anyway) :) What was so amazing is how God decided to speak back to me that I was forgiven. I know it was Him so don't bother arguing philosophically with me about this. Anyway, I'd had the radio on softly, but after I finished praying, I turned it up. And low and behold, this song by Sanctus Real "Forgiven" was playing and God let me know that I was forgiven. Beautiful time for me! Thanks, God!!

The link above is for Youtube video of the song with the lyrics. I hope you enjoy it and are blessed as I was!!