Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Post

Hey! We're still here! We're getting our internet installed at the house this Thursday! Yea! (Thanks Melissa for setting that up!)

This week has been cold, icy and snowy so far. I didn't work yesterday, so it was a good day to get some work done on the bathroom. You may recall that it only had a tub (and she don't do baths) :) So, I've been installing tub surround and walls for a shower. I'll post pics soon. Fun thing about this one is that they positioned the tub about 8" from the wall, which also has a regular-sized window in the wall. So, I framed up a wall for the tub and used the last 8" for a couple of shelves. I think it will work ok. I know everyone is ready to stop taking showers down in the dungeon and running through the freezing gauntlet past the back door.

I know this is quick and brief, and I assure you there will be more to come soon but... I am now the new Youth Pastor, Leader, whatever for Riverpoint Church. I know, I know...I never thought I would volunteer for something this crazy either. It's just that God has really put teens on my heart lately and I couldn't say no. :) I know God has some cool stuff in store for us. Now, all you prayer warriors, please put me way up on the list! :) Thanks!

Well, that's all for now! Stay tuned! We're comin' back online!!