Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Things We Do That Make Us A Parent

I'm sitting at the computer in the dark. It's been a looong weekend. My poor Caleb has the dreaded H1N1 (aka: piggy flu, "Hiney" flu, whatever). Thankfully, he's doing better this morning. Fever is down a bit, he's still sleeping and I got a mostly full night's sleep.

I won't whine, mind you, but I will say that I am missing 3 important things this weekend:

Jarrod ~I sent him off to Kansas City yesterday to a Jayhawks game.

Weekend in KC with my hubby at a Jayhawks game

My 20th HS Reunion in Spring, TX

Ya know, God always has a reason for these quirky happenings that "mess up our plans".

"You can make many plans,
but the Lord's purpose will prevail."
~Proverbs 19:21
Jarrod just called this morning to tell me some of what God has spoken to him about...great, exciting stuff. Myself: I've had a weekend with my three kids in a tiny house and it's been good. I've let the house get messy (gasp!), we've watched lots of tv and movies (gasp!), we've baked STORE BOUGHT cookie dough (what?!? Not from scratch? Yeah, they're delish!)
When a kiddo is really sick, you stop everything and pour every ounce into getting him better.
Thank goodness for Facebook! I've been able to see pics from my reunion almost instantly! They're all old. ;)
Thank goodness for cellphones! Jarrod and I have texted and called a bunch.
yep, he misses me. :}
Plus, had I been in KC, I would have missed Jacob's first win yesterday: 18-6
Now I shall begin the great clean-up.